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“Thank you so, so much for today. I couldn’t have done it without you. You have no idea how much your support means to the boys and I.”

A mum supported by Home-Start

Home-Start is one of the UK’s leading family support charities. We help parents to build better lives and better futures for their children. We have been supporting families for over forty years.

​We believe that children need a happy and secure childhood and that parents play the key role in giving their children the best possible start in life and helping them to achieve their full potential.

In an ideal world there would be no need for a charity like Home-Start. All parents would be free of the stresses and strains of raising their children. But for many parents the pressures of family life are simply too much to cope with alone. There can be so many reasons for this; poor mental health, illness and disability, poverty, isolation and lack of family support networks, the list is endless. We want to see a society in which every parent has the support they need to raise happy and healthy children.

Across Greater Manchester there are four Home-Start charities working in diverse communities throughout the region. There are Home-Starts in Manchester, (North & South), Rochdale and Bury, Oldham, Stockport & Tameside and Trafford & Salford Wigan. Family support and volunteer recruitment is offered in Bury by Home-Start Rochdale and Bury and in Bolton by Home-Start Oldham, Stockport, and Tameside.

This website is for reference and information about the Home-Start charities across Greater Manchester. Each Home-Start is an individual Home-Start in its own right, with its own funding, staff, volunteers and board of trustees.To find out more about the four Home-Start charities across Greater Manchester, please visit our individual Home-Start websites on the Contact Us page.

Find out more about the difference we make to communities across the UK by watching our film- ‘Alongside Me’.