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PIMH Champions

“Alison has just been fantastic, she is so supportive and has always listened to me when I’ve wanted to talk. She always thinks of me and sends me nice messages with information about baby’s development, it’s like having a close friend or family member who I suppose would normally do these things, but I’ve not got anyone like that so I’ve really appreciated it”.

A mum supported by Home-Start



خوش آمدید

أهلا بك



Greater Manchester Home-Starts

Home-Start is one of Greater Manchester’s leading family support charities, working in local communities, our volunteers offer emotional and practical support to families who are struggling with a range of issues from poverty and poor mental health to domestic abuse and isolation.

The four Home-Starts in Greater Manchester are:

Home-Start HOST

Tel: 0161 344 0669
Email: info@homestarthost.org.uk

Home-Start Trafford, Salford and Wigan

Tel: 0161 865 4222
Email: admin@hsts.org.uk

Home-Start Manchester

Tel: 0161 721 4493
Email: info@homestartmcr.org.uk

Home-Start Rochdale Borough
(Home-Start Rochdale and Bury)

Tel: 01706 629651
Email: info.homestartrochdale@gmail.com

Big Life Group

Big Life’s mission is to change the world, but you can’t change the world if you work in the same old ways.
Everything we do is driven by the need to help people change their lives, however small or large those changes might be. The Big Life group works differently, constantly challenging ourselves and others, and always led by our shared set of values.

Tel: 0161 848 2420
Email:  Razia.Shaikh-Patel@thebiglifegroup.com

CAHN – Carribean & African Health Network

CAHN is a Black-led organisation set up to address the wider social determinants to eradicate health disparities for Caribbean & African people in the United Kingdom. We work with the Black community and cross-sector organisations to build community resilience, relationships, and a social movement to improve health outcomes for Black people.  

Tel: 07853 556 591 
Email: info@cahn.org.uk 

Dad Matters

Dad Matters want to help Dads and Dads to have the best relationship with their babies. We do this by focussing on three main topics; attachment & bonding, mum and dads mental health and accessing appropriate services. We work with Dads in 1-2-1 and group settings and offer Walk and Talks, Wellbeing Groups, Antenatal Groups, one to one support and much more.

Tel: 0161 344 0669
Email: dadMatters@homestarthost.org.uk

Diversity Matters North West

Diversity Matters North West exists to challenge inequalities in health and well-being and to help people develop their potential and support each other.

  • Tackle issues that impact on people’s health and well-being.
  • Provide targeted support for disadvantaged and excluded groups.
  • Promote improved community cohesion

Tel: 0161 368 3268
Email: info@diversitymattersnw.org.uk

The Flowhesion Foundation

A small charity in Bolton with GM Footprint.
Delivering projects such as Winter/Summer Holiday Clubs, men and women’s health hubs, Free Bi-Lingual Counselling alongside a comprehensive suite of training and development.

Tel: 01204 275106
Email: vanessa.stoneman@flowhesionfoundation.org.uk

Global Vision Initiative

Global Vision Initiative is a registered charity organisation (Reg. no 1142264) based in Levenshulme, Manchester UK; one of the most socially deprived neighbourhoods in UK; including young women disadvantaged and face barriers to learning and work comprising hard to reach and excluded members of a large ethnic community, such as South India, Pakistan, Somali, Kurdistan, Roma, Middle Easterners, Eastern Europeans living in Leveshulme, Gorton and Longisght wards, Manchester UK a disadvantaged area which lacked Government Regeneration drive, one of the 10% most deprived wards in Britain, and also among 30% most deprived Lower Super Output Areas. (Government Report).

Tel: 07588198431
Email: vision2020leadershiptraining@gmail.cominfo@gvinitaitve.org.uk

Pankhurst Trust (incorporating Manchester Women’s Aid)

Manchester Women’s Aid provides services so that domestic abuse survivors can live a life free from the fear of domestic violence and abuse. We provide safe and confidential temporary accommodation, play services, advice and support, dedicated case workers and support groups.

Tel: 0161 660 7999
Email: referrals@manchesterwomensaid.org

Proud 2 b Parents

Proud 2 b Parents is an inclusive organisation for all routes to parenthood. We are run by and deliver services for LGBT+ parents / carers to be, LGBT+ parents / carers and their children living in Greater Manchester. We run a variety of services to meet the needs of the community, these include ‘Parent 2 b’ discussions, mid-week meet ups, monthly get-togethers, Parent Support Sessions, a youth group for young people aged 8+ who have LGBT+ parents / carers

Tel: 07843913001
Email: info@proud2bparents.co.uk

Spoons Neonatal Family Support

Spoons is a charity that supports families through neonatal care in the Greater Manchester area.

We have a range of services including cot side peer support, financial support, trauma therapy and counselling and community baby massage and play sessions.

Tel: 0300 365 0363
Email: care@spoons.org.uk

Syngesis CIC

A Social Enterprise dedicated to empowering sustainable development for the benefit of socially excluded and economically disadvantaged communities, especially within the Greater Manchester region, UK.

Tel: 0780 381 3817
Email: malik-ahad@live.co.uk
www.syngesis.co.uk (the website is being revamped so will be back in operation from February 2022). 

The Four Home-Starts in Greater Manchester are: